Invested in Sheep


One important thing for us to try and remember when reading the Holy Scriptures: For the ancient nomad, there was only one bank account you could have, namely animals.

We get statements in the mail. The ancient nomad heard the sound of his wealth bleating in the clover. We write checks or execute electronic fund transfers. The ancient nomad sheared, or slaughtered, or sold a few head.

We make deposits. The ancient nomad bred his animals, or acquired more by shrewd dealing. We talk to accountants about income projections for our savings and investments, with an eye to retirement. The ancient nomad ran his hands over the stubbly backs of his lowing animals and prayed: May no disease, no thief, no predator bring you to grief, O future of mine.

We fear stock market crashes. The ancient nomad feared wolves in the night.

Ninety-nine sheep huddled together, on the way to the fold, as the sun sets: Safe. Money in the bank.

On the other hand, one lone sheep, on a hillside somewhere: Tasty looking.

God has no need of us. But the mystery of Christ’s revelation teaches us this: Even though the heavenly Father enjoys perfect happiness and blessedness from ages unto ages, He nonetheless imagines a future with us. We are His precious money, His wealth, and He has an immeasurable zeal for the safety of His investment. He showed us on the Cross how intense is His desire to cash us in, when the time comes, at full value.

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