“The Interview” Mistake

The Interview Rogen Franco

I have no brief for Sony Entertainment. No doubt they make money selling a lot of trash. I don’t really have much of a brief for Seth Rogen. (But he did give me the biggest laugh I have had watching a movie this millennium.*)

Anyway, The Interview probably sucks. Or maybe not; maybe it’s funny. I give Rogen and James Franco credit for having the–whatever you would need–to pull it off, if anyone can.

But the question is: What kind of world is this?

Is this a world where you get to make mistakes? Make stupid movies that mock Asian dictators, just for the hell of it? Is this a world in which we are allowed to be the totally foolish goofballs that we are–and then get another chance to find the meaning of life, when we screw it up the first time?

The Enemy: he leads us into fear. Into thinking that this world has no give. Brittle. Can’t hold our weight. Everything can break! Any second!

And when I say “the Enemy,” I don’t mean the North Korean fellow, whatever his name is exactly.

I don’t like profanity. I don’t like the F-word. I don’t like indiscreet jokes about people’s private parts.

But the silence of this situation with this movie is worse than profanity and bad jokes, projected on a thousand screens in a thousand depressing multiplexes. I never would have gone to this movie (though, if it landed in the library…) But I don’t mind saying:

The devil has had his day on this. Big time.

Because Infinite Mercy made this world. We can make mistakes. And then recover.

* I cannot recommend watching this, since profanity flies like pollen through a situation that is immoral coming and going. But 50/50 is one of the things that helped get me through my dear departed aunt’s struggle with cancer.

Seth Rogen creates a character that I really would want to have for my best friend, if I had cancer. So, even though (like I said) The Interview probably stinks anyway, I feel duty-bound to give Seth Rogen some props. He doesn’t exactly deserve to be nominated as the next Free Speech Hero of the West. But I can’t write him off completely, even though he says f– every other word.

Do not watch this if you are a child. I’m serious.

One thought on ““The Interview” Mistake

  1. Thank you for making this a subject here. Regardless, there are rules in life and even though we may have the right to express however we feel, some things are simply left well enough alone. In this case, making fun of someone who has no toleration of it leaves you with the expectation of repercussions. Unfortunate, but a simple fact of life.

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