Cuomo and Capitol-Hill Cold

Mario Cuomo Funeral
St. Ignatius parish, Park Avenue, Tuesday


Very cold today. Feels like March-for-Life weather.

In precisely two weeks, we will freeze–or get wet, or get snowed on, or slog through the slush. Whatever the good Lord has planned, we will endure it–to march up Capitol Hill, and bear witness, in front of the marble buildings that are supposed to house noble statesmen who vindicate human rights.

Why? What cavalcade of fools would subject themselves to such winter discomforts, year after year, to fight a battle that seemed lost forty years ago?

This seems like a particularly poignant question to ask after Gov. Mario Cuomo’s funeral, celebrated Tuesday in the parish church of the Kennedy’s, on the upper East Side, NYC.

Poignant because Governor Cuomo the Elder bequeathed the ‘privately pro-life, publicly pro-choice’ position to a generation of politicians—a generation whose day has pretty much altogether ended now. Nobody, on the left or right, buys the Cuomo line anymore.

mario-cuomoIn 2015, “pro-life” stands for something, something that cannot be kept private. And the pro-choice status quo survives solely on apathy and disenchantment. “Pro-choice” has no real intellectual content. In 2015, ‘pro-choice’ simply means ‘Who cares?’

“Privately pro-life, publicly pro-choice” has gone to the grave with Governor Cuomo the Elder.

“Culturally Catholic,” “Kennedy Catholicism.” Dead. Buried. Something for the history books. The world has moved on, turned a page.

…We take on the cold, and march for the truth with real joy, because the whole thing is nowhere near as complicated as the St. Ignatius Park Ave. tribe has made it out to be.

If you believe in God, you have to be pro-life. If you believe in God, you know that snuffing out the life of an innocent human being is always the wrong thing to do. If you believe in God, you know that He has a plan–and that plan never involves going to get an abortion.

Not complicated. Obstetrics and mothering and fathering and adoption and early childhood education and universal health care and fighting poverty and a lot of other important things are plenty complicated. Politics is certainly complicated. And it gets more and more complicated, the less honest (and less intelligent) the politicians become.

But facing the cold on January 22? Simple—beautifully, wonderfully simple.

No killing innocent unborn children.

March for Life 2013

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