Brief-Moment Delay

St. Paul tells us: “After just a brief moment, he who is to come shall come. He shall not delay.”

pantocratorWho shall come?

When did He walk the earth? How long ago?

After just a brief moment. He shall not delay.

What kind of person considers two thousand years to be a brief moment? Not a New Yorker, to be sure.

What kind of person considers two millennia to be anything less than a “delay?” –Not a delay? Air-traffic control would certainly call it more of a cancellation.

St. Paul says: “Do not throw away your confidence.”

Where is the Lord? Invisible now, yes. He appears to tolerate things like the deflation of footballs, and blizzards that arrive at the wrong location, and other outrages on the face of the earth.

But does he not make the sun rise? Does He not keep the canopy of the sky over our heads? Okay, so He permits a Superbowl involving two of the most odious teams in the history of the sport.

But we have to listen to His supernatural wisdom. Seeds sprout and grow, and we know not how.

We think of 2,000 years as more than “a brief moment.” But, to the One Who laid out the heavens and the earth, a thousand years are like a day.

We know how long it takes to make Minute Rice. But we have no idea how long things like: history, and the filling up of the ranks of the Elect, and the full construction of the everlasting Kingdom of God—we have no idea how long things like that take.

The smart money is on God getting it done, the best way possible, at the best possible time. It could be today. It could be ten thousand years from now.

Our job is to believe, to hope, and to love right now.

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