Earthy-Homily Week Continues…

Procession St Agatha relics
Procession with St. Agatha’s relics, Catania, Sicily

Since St. Agatha won her crown of martyrdom by heroic chastity, and since she intercedes for us constantly to help us grow in chastity ourselves, and since she is the heavenly patroness of all women suffering from breast cancer, we can, I think, take the occasion of her Memorial and the great procession in Sicily in her honor—we can take this occasion to meditate on this:

God loves breasts.

Torturers mutilated Agatha’s breasts. The Lord sent St. Peter during the night to heal them.

Lanfranco, Giovanni St Peter Healing St_Agatha

St. Augustine put it like this: Christ is like the Breast of God. If I might summarize the sermon:

A baby cannot digest solid food. The mother transforms solid food into warm milk for the baby.

Our minds cannot handle the full truth of God, at least not yet. We need to be given warm milk, so that we can mature to the point where we are ready to see God.

I fed you milk, not solid food. (I Corinthians 3:2) Christ is like the breast of God.

The Son knows the Father fully. Christ transforms the solid food of divine knowledge into the babies’ milk that we need. His teaching is our breast milk.

If we consume Christ’s teaching, and live on it, we will grow to maturity. Then some day we will be able to live on the solid food of the beatific vision.

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