Enrique Hearing


Hopefully, dear reader, you remember that ICE agents arrested our dear friend and brother Enrique Manriquez outside St. Joseph Church in Martinsville last May.

Thanks to the generosity of kind benefactors, Enrique has had legal counsel. He decided to pursue an asylum claim.

For nine months, Enrique has sat in a detention center awaiting a hearing date, while his son had his sophomore year of college, his daughter her junior year of high school and his other son (whose high-school graduation Enrique missed) worked with his mom to keep the family financially afloat. Meanwhile, Enrique has lost a few pounds and started a Bible-study group in the jail.

Now Enrique will have a hearing! On April 2.

Holy Thursday. The tenth anniversary of the death of Pope St. John Paul II.

A good day for lots and lots of prayers.

Pray for the Release of Enrique

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