Enrique Update

ICA Farmville
ICA Farmville

Thank you, dear reader, for praying for our friend Enrique Manriquez during his asylum hearing yesterday.

The best news would, of course, have been:

Judge: “Why are we holding you in custody? Why have we held you in custody for the past nine months? This is absurd. Have mercy on us, Lord! Sir, please accept our apologies and a check for all your lost earnings, and go home where you belong.”

But such moments might have to wait until the parousia. (That is, the same moment when the Roe v. Wade court will see clearly what they wrought, and will declare, rending their garments in agonized contrition, “Oh God, Oh God, have mercy on us. We were blind to the most obvious facts!”)

Anyway, all musing aside…

Enrique has another hearing scheduled for June 15. Good news, as it goes. No surprise that there are a lot of hoops to get through. Yesterday he got through one.

Let’s keep praying.

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