Peace Together

Matthias Grunewald Isenheim altarpiece
Matthias Grunewald Isenheim altarpiece

“Peace I leave with you. My peace I give you.” (John 14:27)

Baby Princess of Cambridge just got born in England. But our Lord Jesus Christ isn’t just the prince of this or that place. He is the Prince of…

Peace. The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of peace.

What is the opposite of peace? War. Yes. But what about: hatred, anger, violence?

In the beginning, Adam and Eve lived in a peaceful garden. But they disobeyed the Creator. What happened between their two sons Cain and Abel? Cain became jealous of Abel and killed him. God said to Cain, ‘Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground!’

What is the fifth commandment?

This commandment doesn’t just prohibit intentionally murdering an innocent person. Hopefully none of us will ever even be seriously tempted ot do something like that.

Catechism-of-the-Catholic-CHurchBut the fifth commandment also teaches us the fundamental attitude we need to have towards other people. When the Lord Jesus explained the fifth commandment, He said: Anyone who is angry with his brother violates this commandment.

Now, sometimes people do things that make us angry. Sometimes we do things that make other people angry. We do things sometimes that harm our neighbor. That’s called being a sinner, which all of us are.

What the Lord is saying to us is: Never forget, no matter what happens, that we are all in this together. We human beings make the pilgrimage of life together. We all have one Father in heaven. He has a plan for all of us to get to heaven. That plan involves our living and working together.

If I get angry, or if someone gets angry with me, what we have to do is: Not give up. Not fall into hatred. Not resort to violence. We have to work for peace. Seek peace. Talk. Try to understand each other. Speak the truth, make amends, forgive, and start fresh.

Since Jesus has made Himself our Prince of Peace by dying on the cross for us and rising from the dead, we can live in the kind of peace where not only do we not fight each other, but we help each other. After all, how are we going to succeed without helping each other? We’re not.

But when we serve the Lord together, bearing with each other patiently, appreciating each other’s good qualities: then there’s no limit to the awesomeness of what can happen for the children of the Prince of Peace.

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