Reverence in Sirach

ecclesiasticus sirach

Reading from Sirach at Holy Mass today expresses the disposition that we would all wish to have, towards the work of the Creator. Sirach sings the song of reverence.

As the rising sun is clear to all
So the glory of the Lord fills all His works…
Each of the works of the Lord, as it comes, is good.
Can one ever see enough of their splendor?

(Sirach 42:15 and following. Chap. 43 also awesome reading)

The Creator pours out everything that is, out of the infinitude of His genius. What a gift, then: to behold reality for all that it truly is.

Generally speaking, virtue lies in moderation. But there are exceptions. May nothing ever moderate our appetite for the beauty of God reflected in His works. May we never be able to get enough!

In fact, the more virtuous we can become–the more chaste and temperate, prudent and generous in everything that we can manage to become—the more rapacious grows our appetite for the beauty of God, and we eat and drink Him in more and more ravenously, with every moment that our eyes gaze on what He has made. May we moderate all our other appetites, so that our appetite for the Creator can grow with absurd immoderation into an all-consuming obsession.

“Lord, I want to see,” cried Bartimaus. We do, too, Lord! We want to see the hidden depth in everything, which is You. You give bounteously—light, clarity, the gorgeous banquet of things as they are—you give all freely. May we receive with humble and grateful hearts. That is true sight: to receive reality for what it is, with praise for the Creator.

Give us the gift, Lord! Wherever we find ourselves, whatever occupies our minds and energies, may we behold how ripe the moment is for us to bless You.


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