Ugandan Martyrs, 12 Years Later

In the 1880’s, the king of Uganda demanded that his pages submit to his homosexual advances. The holy martyrs of Uganda, strengthened by devotion to Christ, refused. This led to a wholesale persecution in the country. The African blood that consecrated today as a Memorial was spilt 129 years ago.

Twelve years ago today, the Apostolic See of Rome published a brief “Consideration Regarding Proposals to Give Recognition to Unions between Homosexual Persons.”

lwangaThe Vatican calmly foresaw that the compromises regarding ‘gay marriage,’ which were fashionable a decade ago, could never last. “Civil unions” were just a euphemism for homosexual ‘marriage.’

Pope St. John Paul II and then-Cardinal Ratzinger calmly pointed out that allowing homosexual couples to adopt children contradicts the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. They re-iterated what the Catechism teaches, that it is un-Christian to treat a homosexual person unjustly. And that, like all Christians and all decent people, homosexual people are bound by the law of chastity.

Probably the most remarkable thing about the Vatican document of twelve years ago is this: It soberly acknowledges the de facto legal toleration of homosexual acts. In other words, it says: marriage is marriage; the Gospel calls us all to chastity; let’s operate discreetly and prudently to try to help people live a chaste life. Tolerance of evil, humble dedication to good.

The movement that has changed the definition of marriage in so many places since 2003: it does not have to do with tolerance. Tolerance means: accepting something regarded as evil.

We regard homosexual acts as evil, just like pornography and masturbation are evil–because they get in the way of a life of true love. We have a message of Christian chastity to offer.

The “Gay Marriage” movement regards our teaching as evil. But it has nothing to offer, really, other than intolerance of our message.

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