Precious-Blood-Month Exhortation

Go, make this proclamation, ‘The Kingdom of God is at hand.’ (Matthew 10:7)

We rejoice in the cleansing and healing effects of the Precious Blood of Christ. He shed His blood on the cross, at a particular time, in a particular place. But the Blood reaches us, across the globe and through the ages, because our ancestors in the faith, our predecessors in the mission, heeded Christ’s command to go and proclaim the Kingdom of heaven.

chaliceThe Kingdom of heaven is here and now for anyone whose soul has been cleansed and renewed by the Blood of the Lamb. Evil, sin, death, sorrow, darkness—none of these have the last word. Christ our Passover has been sacrificed, has conquered death, and has applied to us His work of atonement.

We priests have the privilege of ministering the Precious Blood at the altar, and in the Confessional, and at the baptismal font. The Lord Himself has made us dispensers of His Precious Blood—literally, in the Holy Mass, and by its spiritual effects in the other sacraments.

But Christ commanded not just priests, but the whole Church to go and proclaim the Kingdom that has been won by the Precious Blood. We priests will happily stand in church baptizing, confessing, and saying Mass for all the converts that our beloved and enterprising lay people can manage to invite in.

For all of us, priests and people, our mission starts with this fundamental act of faith: We believe that the Precious Blood of Christ washes away sin, conquers death, and gives healing and undying life. We believe that Jesus Christ, slain on the cross to atone for all human evil—we believe that He pours out the grace of His blood from a heavenly fountainhead that will never run dry.

He commands us to believe this, and to love others enough to want to share this life with them.

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