Our Invitation to Planned-Parenthood Doctors

Come to me, all you who are burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthew 11:28)

Nothing can get quite so exhausting as moral indignation. Last week, some good people here got morally indignant that someone had surreptitiously taped and publicized a few things some of us said, without our consent. For my part, I couldn’t work up the energy to get morally indignant. After all, I have a solemn duty as a priest to watch what I say. I am obliged to do all I can to say things that are both true and appropriately discreet.

The great thing is when a person can rest fully in the truth. Then, if we must object to someone’s immoral act, we don’t get exhausted doing so.

Genuinely Catholic morality never invades someone else’s space. It is simply a matter of bearing witness to truth, so as to help others have the peace of living in it.

Now, we Christians love our Lady, and we venerate her beautiful womb. We love to meditate on baby Jesus in Mary’s womb, and on His birth in Bethlehem. That one baby, and His birth, give hope and meaning to the conception and births of all babies. Again, nothing could give our souls more real rest than meditating quietly and lovingly on the infant life of the Savior, in the womb and new-born.

Maybe you have seen the now-famous “sting” video of Dr. Nucatola of Planned Parenthood. I watched it, and nearly lost my cookies. And I’ve read some attempts at a defense.

Of course, there really is nowhere for a person trying to defend the morality of abortion to rest. The idea that the heart, lungs, liver, and legs of one person, namely the baby, can legitimately be donated to science (much less sold for profit) by another person, with a clear conscience, as if nothing but good were being done here—manifestly impossible. The mother doesn’t have two hearts, four lungs, two livers, and four legs.

So, let’s declare to the world: Dear tired, weary, exhausted souls, who run and run, trying to find a peaceful place to stand, while claiming that abortion is okay; we invite you, dear brothers and sisters: Come, live in the truth!

Someday, all those little babies, dismembered by the likes of Dr. Nucatola, will rise. They will judge us. Not with words, and not with fire and brimstone. But with the simple light in their eyes. Their very standing up, on the face of the earth, will judge us to the quick, on the great and final Day.

So: Let’s all stand on their side! Let’s stand together, on their side. On the side of the innocent and defenseless unborn, a soul can find rest, in the truth.

2 thoughts on “Our Invitation to Planned-Parenthood Doctors

  1. Two of many Thoughts. The love of money ( power ) is the root of all evil, and, in those days the hearts of men will grow cold. Oh yes, the sowing of the wind only to reap the whirlwind. My opinion, we have an F-5 on the ground and its not even full blown yet. How few are aware of even a breeze? Evil prevails when good men keep quiet. Thanks for stepping up Fr. Mark. You challenge me to do likewise.

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