An Exchange of E-mails

Dear Fr. White – Last Saturday evening I was a visitor at your 5:30 PM Mass. I was appalled and disappointed on several levels at your remarks regarding Margaret Sanger and Donald Trump.

I feel that bringing a current candidate for public office into your homily to illustrate a point was unnecessary and did nothing to add to your lesson.

Furthermore, your inference that Mr. Trump is against the birth of babies with colored skin was patently untrue. Although I’m not necessarily a follower of Mr. Trump I understand that his objection is to giving U. S. citizenship to any child born of aliens who are in the country illegally. Your equation of Sanger and Trump was, in my opinion, both offensive and untrue.

I am a lifelong practicing Catholic and will probably attend Mass from time to time at St. Andrew’s. I’m certain that I will hear uplifting and wonderful homilies during my future visits!

[name withheld]


Dear —,

I appreciate your writing. I apologize for offending you.

As far as analyzing whether or not what I had to say at Mass is untrue, I would ask you to put yourself in the shoes of a teenage or young-adult child of undocumented parents, hearing Mr. Trump’s proposals. As the shepherd of many such individuals, I feel an obligation to reassure them that their church family stands with them, not against them. Also, as I suggested in my homily, I ask everyone to imagine what would actually happen if Mr. Trump’s entire immigration “plan” were put into effect. The amount of human suffering would be of catastrophic proportions.

Our first obligation as Christians is to love our neighbors as our own brothers and sisters. Whether our neighbor has immigration documents is a secondary matter. I stand by my conclusion that it is impossible for a Christian to endorse Mr. Trump’s immigration proposals. If I am wrong about his being a racist of the same stamp as Margaret Sanger, I will do penance in this life, or in purgatory, for my error, once it is demonstrated. At this point in time, the evidence I see supports my conclusion.

I agree with you that generally speaking it is unwise for a preacher to refer by name to any current candidate for office. Given the immense inhumanity of what Mr. Trump has proposed, however, I do not hesitate, as a shepherd of the flock, to warn you or anyone else that supporting Mr. Trump is spiritually dangerous, just as supporting any candidate who agrees with Margaret Sanger’s doctrines is spiritually dangerous.

Love, Fr. Mark

5 thoughts on “An Exchange of E-mails

  1. Fr. Mark,

    I was there for your Homily on Sunday as I am every week. Thank you for saying the things that need to be said. You have my gratitude and support.

    May God continue to bless you and your ministry as our Pastor.

    Peace and blessings!

  2. The Church should take on the injustices of the Mexican government, and recognize the damage illegal immigration has done to poor and middle class Americans.

  3. I do hope that the entire Church will speak out honestly on matters of Right to and Sanctity of Life, Sanctity of Marriage as a sacrament between one man and one woman, erroneous actions of Supreme Court justices, and whatever flies in the face of church doctrine from this day forward.

  4. Christians have a responsibility to help their neighbor, but not at the expense of their own family. The church should take on the injustices in the poor countries so many are fleeing from. And the church should be speaking out on the injustices of all of our countries candidates when it comes to the murdering of our innocent children in the womb, and the murdering of children as they come out of the womb. I haven’t heard anyone say they will be at risk spiritually if they support this position or the candidates that support this murder. So Please, please, please, address that in your next homily. Let’s talk about murder, before we tackle illegal immigration. We all have an obligation to protect lives.

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