Couples and Angels

No voy a hablar de la suegra...
No voy a hablar de la suegra…

In my book, Holy Father gave his most beautiful talk during his visit on Saturday evening. He explained to married couples and families how their love mirrors the Trinitarian love of God.

Marriage involves a stunningly profound act of acceptance: I accept you so thoroughly as a person that I want not only to make you a fixture in my daily life, I even want to share our very selves together, in the conceiving of the next generation.

We human beings long for this kind of acceptance with so much desperation that this desire orients and drives our choices at a subconscious level. This longing moves couples to the altar, in spite of all the challenges and difficulties involved.

Today we keep the feast of the Archangels. Turning our attention to them might help us purify our understanding of the mutual acceptance involved in human marriage. One very salient fact about angels: They do not marry. Angels are not girls and boys. But neither do they practice celibacy, if by celibacy we mean the renunciation of something naturally desired.

The angels have all the world-stabilizing affirmation and comfort of total acceptance—which human marriage ideally offers—the angels have that total acceptance directly from the original source, from their Creator Himself. The holy angels live with divine light completely permeating their being. And that light communicates this: I love you, because you are just as you ought to be.

Now, may all married couples receive that kind of sustaining affirmation from their spouses, at least as best we human beings can manage such love.

But may we all, married and un-married, open our hearts to receive that love from on high, which offers us, just like the angels, the true world-stabilizing affirmation that we so long for.

2 thoughts on “Couples and Angels

  1. I had to come back to this comment I made to clarify myself; angels are not part human. Neither do they have human emotions. Neither are they glorified humans. Angels are angels.

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