Is it naïve for us simply to say, “We believe that God will save us?”

I mean: no matter what kind of mess we find ourselves in personally, or as a family, or as a nation, or as the human race. No matter what, God will save us.

Maybe my health is failing, and I’ve lost my joie-de-vivre. Maybe my family has fallen into an argument about something really serious, with no apparent resolution. Maybe I got laid off by Volvo in Pulaski and can’t find a job. Maybe it never stops raining. Or: I either hate Obama, or I hate the Obama Haters.

After all, we can hardly avoid the instinctual tendency of the reigning technocrat of the age: All problems have fixes. Problem? Here’s how you fix it. Doesn’t matter that the technocratic fixes sometimes have all the plausibility of asking a goat to make breakfast for you. But a technocrat either proposes a fix, or pretends there’s no problem. That’s what technocrats do.

Meanwhile, we say: “We believe that God will save us.”

Doesn’t mean we put our minds and ingenuity on permanent pause. Doesn’t mean we care not if an asteroid obliterates the globe. We care. We know we have been put here for a reason and have a task to perform for God’s glory.

But: No matter what weight of nonsense, trouble, and nastiness pushes down the scale, we still believe that God will save us. Period. God rules. And He is good. Jesus has taught us that.

Does that make us Advent-observing people naïve? Shouldn’t we give it up now, after 2,000 years waiting for the Second Coming, and just try to get our fifteen minutes of fame? Or at least a flatscreen with Netflix and a friendly pet? If we just gave up our naïve certitudes, maybe we could find something interesting on the internet for like five or ten minutes a day…

No. God will save us. God rules. Not us, and not Satan.

Naivete? I call it the heavenly wisdom of patient perseverance. Or, to use another exceedingly rare word: Hope.


3 thoughts on “Naïveté?

  1. I’ve set my store on having it all: naïve certitudes, Netflix and a friendly pet. Happy Advent, Father.

  2. ” By waiting and by calm you shall be saved, in quiet and in trust your strength lies” Is. 30 ;15b. If Advent Journey is naïve let me be so! Love and Prayers, Fr. Mark – daily!

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