The Kindness of God

Christ healing paralytic Mark 2

Prophet Samuel predicted how a king would inflict his authority over the people, and they would suffer—even though they themselves begged to have a king, like all the other nations. Hopefully these words do not serve as some kind of prophecy of things to come if America elects the wrong president.

But let’s not get into politics. Let’s focus on what happened in Capernaum. In the faith and love of the paralytic’s friends, the Lord Jesus saw the faith and love of the man himself. Only a man of faith and love would have such kind friends. So Christ forgave and healed the paralyzed man.

At Christmas, we read, “The goodness and kindness of our God have appeared.” When the Lord forgave the paralytic, the scribes said, “Only God can forgive sins.” True enough. Lord Jesus basically replied: “I am God.”

God is kind. God wills our good. When we get in trouble and suffer, God wills to heal us.

I haven’t exactly been paralyzed these past couple of weeks. But I haven’t been able to do some of the things I really love to do, like go for a run or even a walk. Of course, I suffer for my own sins. I should have known better than to get on that hoverboard. I have endured just chastisement.

But God is kind. That’s the revelation of Jesus Christ. God wills our healing. God wills our good. He is kind.


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