Worldview Trajectory Reversal

El Greco Christ in Prayer

“If by the finger of God I cast out demons, then then Kingdom of God has come upon you.” (Luke 11:20)

After our First Parents disobeyed and fell from God’s grace, the “trajectory” of human life sloped inevitably towards death.

But Christ came, and He revealed that the heavenly Father’s love extends even beyond our disobedience.  Death looks to unredeemed man like a crashing end and a disaster.  But Christ has revealed that death, in fact, opens like a door to eternal happiness.

In other words, the Incarnation of the Divine Word has reversed the trajectory of our human pilgrimage.  Reversed it from deathbound to lifebound.  From fundamentally despairing to invincibly hopeful.  From collapsing inward to expanding ever-outward in love.

“Health,” “life,” “virtue,” “fulfillment”–these words, and words like them, find their true meaning only in Christ–in what He has done and continues to do.  He offers life, health, virtue, and fulfillment to a race that, without Him, lives on borrowed time, facing fearful prospects.

So I guess we could say that our believing in the Trinity and Incarnation gives us a “worldview”–a wordview of hope and of genuine communion with the heavenly Father and with each other.

But calling it a “worldview” misses the fundamental fact:  In Christ, the one true God has revealed Himself.  Our hope for eternal life rests on the absolute truth that Christ speaks the words of God and does the works of God.

When we have the courage to stand firm with the only immortal friend we have, with the real hope of the human race, Jesus Christ–when we stand firm with courage, we evangelize.  We have more than just a personal “worldview.”  We have what the martyrs have had:  love stronger than death.  Love which can conquer whole nations for truth, peace, and love.

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