No-Neutrality Christ

“He boasts that God is His Father…Let us condemn him to a shameful death.” (Wisdom 2:16, 20)

So said the wicked, among themselves, about the just one—according to the Scriptures.

“He boasts that God is his father.”  To say that the Lord Jesus ‘boasts’ that God is His father…  True, in that Jesus certainly called God His father.  False, in that it was no ‘boast,’ if by ‘boasting’ we mean exaggerating, stretching the truth.

elgrecochristcrossWhen Christ referred to His heavenly Father; when He prayed to the Father; when He entrusted Himself completely into the hands of the Father:  that was Truth with a capital T expressing itself.  Nothing is more true than this:  God is Jesus’ Father.

A century ago, the enemies of the Church’s mission openly declared that they thought it wrong to believe in God.  “Religion just anesthetizes the masses to their sufferings!”

These days, the attack on faith in Christ comes more subtly.  The idea is that, in contemporary society, the enlightened person must be “religion- and worldview-neutral.”  “Maybe there’s a God; maybe their isn’t.  Human freedom comes first.  God is optional.”

The drama of the Passion and death of the innocent Lamb of God teaches us that, in fact, religion- and worldview-neutrality does not really exist.

Christ’s union with God is so pure; He is so much the revelation of everything that is beautiful about the relationship we human beings were made to have with God, that the only possible reactions to Him are either utter devotion or murderous hatred.


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