El Salvador

El Colocho

Very soon we will have the pleasure of welcoming Father José Alberto Moran Arce as our second parochial vicar at St. Andrew’s/St. Gerard’s in Roanoke.

He will arrive after the national feasts of San Salvador, known as the fiestas agostinas.  They begin tomorrow morning, with a cup of atol shuco.  And they conclude on the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Savior (next Saturday, August 6).

Here’s some footage from last year’s festivities in San Salvador.

And from 2013:

3 thoughts on “El Salvador

  1. Second Associate? Second Associate! Second Associate (unpunctuatable grumble).

  2. Thanks to Our Lord Jesus, I have arrived to Richmond Virginia since Friday 5th August 2016
    (I had not lived the feast of Transfiguration in my country, neither eat/drink “atole shuco”)!
    Until yesterday with invaluable help of some angels I have been done some duties as:
    meeting with the Bishop of the Diocese of Richmond, most rev. Francis Xavier DiLorenzo at his office;
    to get the social security number at the government office at downtown; to go at Wells Fargo bank.
    Nevertheless, I have to wait for going to Roanoke city, because the room when I will live it has been preparing.
    For instance, I have been completely ready to go to the parish of Saint Gerard at Roanoke city!
    Then with patient and quiet calm, I do not know when, how and with whom may I will move to there!

  3. Besides, Thanks a lot for your amazing comments, images and videos!
    Also, what means “unpunctuatable grumble”? Its irony??

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