St. Matthew the TSA Agent

airport-securityWhat’s the best selling book on earth?

When people open up their Bibles, do they generally tend to read the Old Testament, or the New Testament?  I figure: the New.

If you start reading the New Testament from the beginning, what’s the first name you encounter?  Gospel according to Matthew.

We read the gospel according to Matthew to hear about the wise men visiting the baby Jesus. We read the gospel according to Matthew to hear the Sermon on the Mount. Matthew’s gospel is quoted in the dome of St. Peter’s basilica in Rome, in letters taller than me (Tu es Petrus… stands 6’6″).  Matthew’s gospel tells us about the separation of the sheep and the goats at the end of time.

Of course we love all four gospels.  But this man Matthew wrote the definitive book, the biography of Christ that we call “the gospel of the Church.”  It gives us all the most-basic information about Jesus that we need to know.

Now imagine a large airport, like JFK in New York, or LAX.  Imagine all the TSA officers at work in that airport, and in all the airports in the US.  Now imagine one of those TSA officers.

Airline travelers tend to think of TSA officers as: a highly annoying necessary evil. Which is how subjects of the Roman Empire mostly thought of imperial tax collectors.  Airline travelers hardly think of TSA officers as unique human beings.

But imagine one of the thousands and thousands of TSA officers being chosen by God to communicate in writing the knowledge essential to the meaning of life.  And true everlasting happiness.  One—chosen, and who becomes the first name you encounter when you open your Bible to find God’s Word.

That is God’s incredible way of dealing with us.  Coming into the middle of this huge, whirling mess of a world.  Lifting up a nondescript, no-count dude like you or me.  And sharing divine glory with us.


One thought on “St. Matthew the TSA Agent

  1. Love this, especially since we named our son “Matthew” after him. I am forwarding this to him now! Thanks so much for your clever insight:)

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