Hoya Proposal

This is a bona fide, real thing. Some have objected to it. But I find it: charming and wonderful. If someone had proposed to me during a Hoyas’ game, well…

I hope at least 51 couples get engaged at Hoyas’ games this year. (Three couples per home game.)

If they all go on to have eight children each, that’s 408 more God-fearing basketball fans on this beautiful earth, who can go on to get engaged at Hoyas’ games during the 2040’s.

We’re talking about as many as 12,648 Hoya babies by 2050, and well over 40,000 by this time next century.

Next thing you know, we will have taken over the country completely!

3 thoughts on “Hoya Proposal

  1. Love it! And your numbers are quite interesting…eight children each couple ~ hmmmm. Regardless, great message!

  2. My daughter and husband are 5/8’s there but will have a better chance being Dayton Flyers and yes they know exactly what causes it! True children of the Church open to God’s gift of life. That’s who has courage to do something as SELFLESS as that.

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