Voting in a Pool of Nonsense


That we have the right to kill babies in the womb.  That two people of the same sex can marry.  That the Pill or implant or I.U.D.’s count as “health care.” That the rules apply to everyone except us enlightened crusaders for the pet causes of the Hollywood gentry.  That I obviously have the feminist prowess that it takes, because of my long record of faking it till I made it (all of which began by being married to a former president):  Hillary Clinton’s endless nonsense.

That we should break up Mexican-American families and turn our backs on desperate refugees.  That we should burn more greenhouse gases.  That we have the international clout to benefit from imposing trade barriers.  That the world will just roll over whenever I bark.  That I have any idea whatsoever, really, about how to lead the executive branch of the federal government.  That I have any idea what I’m talking about pretty much ever:  Donald Trump’s endless nonsense.

niagara_fallsThe nonsense cascades over us like Niagara Falls.  But that does not give us an excuse to bathe in nonsense ourselves.

We must watch carefully tonight; we must listen carefully.  Thinking of the poor and defenseless as we listen. Thinking of facts, as many facts as we know–rather than wallowing in our own sometimes-vituperative prejudices.

Thinking: fraternal charity will oblige me to vote for one of these candidates. Thinking:  I must stand as a bulwark against the tidal-wave-size tendency in this country to see this as a sideshow that we can play for cheap laughs.

Charity towards my neighbor and my fellowman will oblige me to vote for one of these candidates.  Which ought it to be?  This choice, and no other, will face me.  The Lord will not hold me responsible for everything that could have been, but wasn’t.

What He will hold me responsible for, once everything is said and done:  When I voted in the fall of 2016, did I make a serious, thoughtful choice, based on facts?

And did I pray, pray, pray that His will be done, that the innocent and defenseless be protected, and that we would live together in peace and fraternity as a nation?

3 thoughts on “Voting in a Pool of Nonsense

  1. There is very clearly NO best choice in this election. Both have faults. But, if we follow the Catholic Church teaching it becomes clear. I wish God were a candidate, but He is not. So, you have one that murders the unborn, supports birth control in every way – including the “morning after pill”. (Which is another way of abortion.), and supports every perversion of sex and “marriage” there is. Hillary Clinton is certainly not the choice of the Catholic Church. Donald Trump is not the perfect choice of the Catholic Church, but we have no perfect choice. So, in my opinion the faults of Donald Trump are certainly far less than the mortal sins which Hillary does and supports.

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