P!nk and Merton on Personal Individuality

Just like fire burning up the way, if I could light up the world for just one day.  Watch this madness, colorful charade.  No one can be just like me anyway.

We get a name in baptism.  The depths of our souls are stamped, by that holy sacrament, with a supernatural identification which will eternally tell us who we were meant to be.

Baptism gives us a divine vocation to find ourselves in Christ.  It gives us our identity in Christ. Baptism gives us our personal vocation to reproduce in our own lives the life and sufferings and love of Christ in a way unknown to anyone else who has ever lived under the sun.

–Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island, “The Word of the Cross”

Question:  How can you possibly tell me that my becoming myself depends on an obscure rabbi who died during the Roman Empire?

Answer #1:  If not on Him, then who?  Who else has revealed the beauty of God like Jesus of Nazareth?

Answer #2:  Join us sinners who gather around the holy altar, and you’ll see.

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