Dear Senator

Many of us Virginians took pride in our state hosting Tuesday evening’s debate.  And we take pride in you, dear Senator Kaine.

I’m a Jesuit-educated, social-justice Catholic, just like you.  Just like professor Stephen Schneck of the Catholic University of America, who wrote the following:

As a fellow Jesuit-educated, social justice Catholic, I was shocked by the performance of Senator Tim Kaine in the debate…Where was the imprint of his missionary work in Honduras? Where was the glow of Kaine’s purported inspiration from Pope Francis?…

At a minimum, I expected to see compassion… I wanted to hear his vision for raising up a renewed respect for human dignity in American public life. I yearned to hear him talk about how citizenship and public service must be oriented toward the common good, to talk in a positive way about how refugees and immigrants enrich the human condition, and about the values of family, the moral imperative of care for the earth, and the unceasing Gospel message to serve the poor.

Yes, politics is politics.  Yes, being pro-life means more than condemning partial-birth abortion, which is where Governor Pence left it. Yes, Donald Trump completely misstated the pro-life position in March.

It-Takes-a-Village-book-cover-by-Hillary-ClintonBut, Senator, how can you not see the total hypocrisy and emptiness of what you’re saying?

You asked, “Governor, why don’t you trust women to make this choice for themselves? We can encourage people to support life. Of course we can. But why don’t you trust women?”

Trust women?  Most abortionists are men.

How can any decent person trust anyone who would reach into a woman’s womb and kill a baby? That is what abortion is.  It’s not the mother choosing the best pre-K.  It’s the killing of a baby.

Trust women? Doesn’t every child have a mother and a father, grandparents, and maybe aunts and uncles and cousins–men, women, and children who make up the baby’s family? Aren’t we all in this together?  Doesn’t it take a village to raise a child? (Someone wrote a book with that title…) I thought your campaign was about being “stronger together,” about “empowering families and kids.” I thought being liberal meant caring about the little guy.

What kind of good liberal are you, Senator?

3 thoughts on “Dear Senator

  1. Senator Kaine is a Shill, Its a shame that the folks out there cannot figure this out.

  2. How can anyone trust a woman, her judgment, her nurturing abilities or even her capacity to love if she even considers killing her own defenseless vulnerable fetus?! It makes one cringe to know that child in her womb is hearing the conversations around such a decision.

  3. Mr. Mayer, I agree with you 100% !!!! His running mate is even worse. Ms. Masouris-careful in judging women who choose such a path. I agree, abortion is a horrible thing to do. But, try if you will, to imagine what kind of horrible conditions would drive a woman to make such a decision, such a mistake, such a sin. A sin which our Lord Jesus forgives for the asking, as he does all sins. I am SO very thankful He forgives such sinners and such sinners as myself.

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