Little Homiletic Prose-Poem for You

The day the Son of Man is revealed. (Luke 17:30)

pantocratorHe came suddenly the first time.  At least it seemed sudden to most people.

Yes, the faithful children of Abraham had awaited Him for millennia.  God laid down the sentence for Original Sin, and in the same breath He promised a Redeemer.  When Mary gave birth to Him, Jewish shepherds and foreign sages rejoiced together, relieved that the long wait had finally ended.

But most people wound-up stunned.  Which families in Nazareth had prepared themselves?  When He grew up into a uniquely luminous teacher and wonder-worker, who among His neighbors calmly accepted it?  None of them.

Was it because the Nazarenes didn’t know the ancient prophecies?  Or because they didn’t even believe in God?  No. They frequented the synagogue pretty faithfully.  The thing that left them off-guard was: they had allowed short-term distractions to overwhelm their minds.

The Son of Man came suddenly, suddenly the first time—for everyone mired in this passing world.  For everyone over-stimulated by petty gossip.  For everyone with nothing more profound to meditate on than what’s for dinner, or what’s on tv tonight?  For every small-minded tin-pot tyrant with a prickly ego and suspicious eyes: the Lord came with withering suddenness.  He arrived like a thundering flood washing over a tedious little world preoccupied with its own nonsense.

His Second Coming, therefore, will assault us in the same way.  We’ll look up from our facebook feeds and see a sight so beautiful that we’ll wilt away just gazing at it.  We will find ourselves so stunned that speaking or even texting will be impossible. Dumfounded.  Paralyzed.  Helpless. Lost.

All of us, that is, except for the faithful children of Abraham who wait patiently for the fulfillment of all the divine promises.  The strangers and sojourners on this earth, who have no taste for anything fleeting, and who long only for the supernatural caviar of heaven.

For the poor remnant of the holy nation of Israel, huddled in little anonymous shacks around the globe, the glorious Coming of the Christ will not strike like a sudden thunderclap.  Rather, it will come like a sunrise with healing rays.

One thought on “Little Homiletic Prose-Poem for You

  1. Without being able to say exactly why, found this very encouraging and uplifting at the end of a rather long (and sometimes tedious) day! Always pleased to see a post when I open my e-mail!

    Judy R

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