An Open E-Mail to Cardinal Dolan

Your Eminence,

I’m sure you won’t remember me; we met for two seconds at the North American College in Rome in the spring of AD 2000, when you kindly expressed your wishes that we seminarian visitors from Washington, D.C., had enjoyed our spaghetti. But I have admired you for two decades; I devoured your rector conferences when they were published in Priests for the Third Millennium.

priests-for-the-third-millenniumAnyway, yesterday I found myself crying for joy from one eye, and for sorrow from the other.

There I stood, at the rally beginning my 19th March for Life, having just greeted an old friend from a former parish with his 13-year-old son, who was born between my sixth and seventh Marches—and here was the Vice-President of the United States speaking to us in person. The vice-president of the United States is one of us. And another one of us is “Counselor to the President!” Tears of euphoria. We can reasonably hope for an end to Roe v. Wade!

On the other hand, right beside me stood, among the fifty people on the bus from my parish, a little group of undocumented Mexican immigrants, marching for life here with me, with us—dedicated pro-lifers whose fruitful presence in our blessed land our pro-life president seems hellbent to do away with. Bitter, miserable tears of fear.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that, having admired you for two decades, I have never admired you more than during your Sanctuary Homily at the Basilica. I thank you for it, dear brother, from the bottom of my heart.

–Fr. Mark White


2 thoughts on “An Open E-Mail to Cardinal Dolan

  1. Thank you Padre Mark! I have always admired your true passion for GOD and us; his people. You are an inspiration to all of us. My infinite gratitude to you for the light and love you give us at each mass. Thank you for always being supportive to the Hispanic Community. May GOD bless you infinitely.

  2. Thank you for linking Cardinal Dolan’s Homily, beautiful, clear and eloquent defense of our national soul. Fear and suspicion are poor companions to the lovers of justice and freedom and peace. We cannot pursuit smallness and expect to be great again or ever. I do find I have tremendous hope in this new Administration who have demonstrated a commitment to life. I pray the job makes the man. That the burdens of a nation will weigh on him and cause reflection, that he will continue to surround himself with strong advocates for life and human dignity and let himself be further drawn to serve God and his fellow man out of love,

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