The Week to Come

giotto palm sunday entry

This coming week, all the Christians of the world go on a kind of journey. Lord Jesus traveled to Jerusalem, and we do, too. Why? Because we believe in Him, and next week we keep the anniversary of His death and resurrection.

This coming Sunday, when the Lord entered the holy city on a donkey, and the people greeted Him as the Messiah—what’s this Sunday called?

Palm Sunday is a fun day at church, and it’s a hard day at church. Fun because we hold palm branches like the people in Jerusalem did. Hard because on Palm Sunday we read the account of Jesus’ Passion.

This is what it means to believe in Him: that we stand ready to accompany Him through all the pain, strife, and sadness of Holy Thursday and Good Friday. His pain, strife, and sadness is our pain, strife, and sadness. Also: We see in Christ’s face the strength, serenity, and confidence He received from the Father. Jesus’ strength, serenity, and confidence during His bitter Passion is our strength, serenity, and confidence.

God is not some vague, faraway thing. God is Jesus Christ, united with His Father in the Holy Spirit. We meet our God, and know Him, and receive His love, in the gritty details of Jesus’ Passion. All the things that we read about and remember during Holy Week—all these things happened. When they happened, Almighty God taught us the truth about Himself and gave us the gift of His love.

Going to Jerusalem with Jesus for Holy Week is not easy. But we could never imagine being anywhere else. When we keep this most-sacred anniversary, we find God, and He finds us. If we want the answers to all our questions about life; if we want to know what springtime really means; if we want the peace and true joy of friendship with our Maker—we go with Jesus to Jerusalem for Holy Week.

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