Catholic Altar Call by Dom Marmion

columba-marmionBefore Abraham came to be, I am. (John 8:58)

We Catholics don’t do “altar calls.” Or over-simplify the spiritual life with the phrase “being saved.” I can know if the changes to my Word document have been saved. But I won’t know that I am saved, until I get to purgatory, please God.

Nonetheless, we Catholics agree with every backwoods preacher on this: Eternal life starts with believing that Jesus is God and our Savior. Let’s listen to the Benedictine abbot, Blessed Columba Marmion:

The profound conviction that Christ is God, and that He has been given to us, contains all spiritual life.

Let us place ourselves at the feet of Christ and say to Him: Lord Jesus, Incarnate Word, I believe that Thou art God; true God begotten of true God. I do not see Thy divinity, but because the Father tells me, ‘This is my beloved Son,’ I believe it. And because I believe it, I submit myself entirely–body, soul, judgment, will, heart, sensibility, imagination, all my energies–I wish that all things may be subjected under Thy feet in homage.

‘I wish to follow Thee as my chief and that Thy Gospel may be my light and Thy will my guide; I wish neither to think otherwise than as Thou thinkest because Thou art infallible truth, nor to act without Thee, because Thou art the only way to go to the Father, nor to seek my joy outside Thy will, because Thou art the very foutain of life. Possess me wholly, through thy Spirit, for the glory of the Father!’

By this act of faith, we lay the foundation of our spiritual life, for other foundation no may can lay, but that which is laid, which is Christ Jesus.

Acts of faith in Christ’s divinity are extremely pleasing to the eternal Father, because all His exigencies–and they are infinite–are summed up in willing the glory of His Son.

And the more His Son veils His divinity, the more He abases Himself out of love for us, the more profoundly we ought to adore Him as Son of God…The more Christ humbles Himself in becoming a little Child, in choosng the hidden life of Nazareth, in submitting Himself to the gibbet like a malefactor, with the wicked; the more His divinity is attacked and denied by unbelievers–the more we ought to place Him high in the glory of the Father, and in our hearts yield ourselves to Him in a spirit of intense reverence and entire submission to His Person, and to labor for the extension of His reign in souls.

–Blessed Columba Marmion, Christ the Life of the Soul, II,1,5


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