Abram and Lot Part

Abram and Lot part mosaic Santa Maria Maggiore
Genesis 13 mosaic in Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome

We read at Holy Mass today from Genesis, about how a separation occurred. Lot went one way, to the Jordan Plain. Then God made a prodigious promise to Abram.

Today, we, too, say farewell to each other, dear Roanoke–like Lot and Abram. The Lord has apportioned to me the fruitful plains to the south. Actually, they are hilly piedmont counties, on the far side of Cahas Mountain.

But the promise to Abraham holds good for all us sons and daughters of the Church, in whatever lush county the Lord gives us to inhabit. We will bear immeasurable fruit. The good that can come from even one single Christian walking the narrow way behind our Lord—that good trumps all the dust of the whole earth, if all that sand and soil could get measured in a scale.

…Now, some of us make it a habit of calling our Lady the “Mother of God” quite often. Like at least fifty-three times a day. We have St. Cyril of Alexandria to thank for keeping that phrase in use. He battled the heretics who tried to eliminate “Mother of God” from our Christian lexicon. St. Cyril died 1,573 years ago today.

Hail Mary,…

5 thoughts on “Abram and Lot Part

  1. I think that the establishment of a devout priest in a parish should be treated as a marriage by the bishop. If it is not working so well, try to fix it; if it is working leave it alone. A divorce is painful and causes family problems. Have we not learned our lesson post Vatican II? Obedience is sacrificial but authoritarianism is not respectful.

  2. I totality agree with Nancy in what she type.I am glad I did not go too Mass today. Could not take the Emotion of saying another good bye.but I will give it a shot and go to St. Francis and see how it goes.ED.Mayer

  3. I also agree with Nancy. I have been employed in the past by the diocese of Richmond and have seen how our devout priests are treated. I for one am praying now for a devout bishop. I feel very fortunate to be moving near Rocky Mt.and continue to be able to worship our Jesus longer during the most beautiful part of the Mass, the Consecration

  4. I will always be thankful for the opportunities Father Mark offered me. I look forward to going to visiting the parishes in Martinsville/Rocky Mount.

  5. Fr. Mark, whatever you write leads me to think. The Bishop didn’t give you a choice, as Abram gave Lot. But God made His covenant to his obedient servant, Abram. The people of Egy…, I mean the people south of Cahas are the lucky ones.

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