If You’re Up Late…

…you may have heard that an Archbishop has accused Pope Francis of grave wrongs in handling the Theodore McCarrick case. The Archbishop, a long-time Vatican official and former Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S., has called upon the Pope to resign from office.

Archbishop ViganoSome will question the credibility and reliability of the Archbishop’s written testimony.

As you know, dear reader, I have spent the past two months in a state of great agitation regarding the McCarrick case. Some have wondered if I might have lost my good sense, or even my spirit of Christian mercy.

If nothing else, I think that Archbishop Viganò’s written testimony does vindicate me in my sense of the profound gravity of the situation.

Namely, that an honest and public resolution to McCarrick’s case is absolutely necessary for the Church in America, and also for the Holy See. Without such an honest and public resolution, how can we move forward into the future with anything close to fidelity to the mandate given us by Christ?

Seems to me that whether or not Pope Francis has to resign now lies in the hands of the editors who will decide whether Archbishop Viganò’s testimony counts as “front-page news” for the “mainstream media.”

You would think that those editors would run with this story–such a high-ranking official denouncing the pope–even though Viganò frankly identifies homosexuality as a “perversity.” Then, in the ensuing frenzy, will others publicly corroborate what Viganò has written? You would think that they would.

Certainly we will wake up tomorrow in a situation even more confusing than it was before. And we just might have to follow my proposal for replacing all the leaders of the Catholic Church.

Whatever happens, dear reader, we will soldier on. The truth liberates, as the good Lord said. We will know the whole truth, about everything, when we go to meet Him. In the meantime, we pray.

8 thoughts on “If You’re Up Late…

  1. I read this early this morning (6:15am) and again just now. I sat in Mass with a heavy heart. And God reminded me, “I AM STILL HERE.” And I was comforted in the Mass.
    I have read all 11 pages. It would be easier if I could simply disregard their contents…but I cannot.
    Despite all of the wrong-doings, God is still with us, He is still our God. I am thankful for Fr. Mark, a priest with the strength and courage to talk openly and honestly with all of us. I pray for you daily, Fr. Mark, for God’s protection and for the hurt which you experience, and for you as a priest.
    I pray for the souls of those in authority who have lost their way and betrayed the church so badly. I pray that change will come, that as difficult as this information is to receive, that it will lead to a cleansing of the hierarchy of the church. I pray for healing of the victims of abuse. I pray for the protection of those within the church who have spoken out and revealed the wrong-doing within the church.
    I pray that God will give me the right words to say when someone questions me about this, or challenges my faith because of it. I still believe with all of my heart in the Catholic church, in which I have found joy, strength and peace for my soul.
    May God’s love and mercy surround all of us and give us strength, and may we feel the warmth of His presence with us every day.
    Judy R.

  2. You Father Mark,Are Simply Amazing.You grab the bull by the horns,Get to work,Dig in to get all the information about this subject.Great pastor.AMEN.

  3. Father Mark.Log in. American Thinker.com You will like what you read about our Pope

  4. Dear Fr. White,
    On behalf of us all, your sheep, we pray for you daily and thank God for entrusting us to your care. Our hearts are broken for you and there are no words to describe what your must be going through. We love you dearly.

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