Immediate Love

Say not to your neighbor, “Tomorrow I will give,” when you can give at once. (Proverbs 3:28)

sacredheartHe does not delay in giving, Almighty God. He gives the morning every morning, first thing in the morning. He makes the songbirds sing. He keeps the earth under our feet, air in our lungs, and His Body, Blood, soul, and divinity in our tabernacles.

He never delays. He gives what He has to give right now, and what He has to give is everything. He loves infinitely right now. Always.

How can we keep up with that? After all, we don’t have that kind of immediacy of love. As St. Stephen put it, in his speech to the Sanhedrin, in the early days of the Church: We have uncircumcised hearts and ears.

Our only hope is total self-abandonment. Forgetting our selves. Believing in, praising, rejoicing in, and serving faithfully the all-goodness of God. He will give us our true selves, too. If we just let go, and love.


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