Mafiosi Run our Church: the Evidence



Let’s start with this fact:

Well over two months ago, on July 19, a man named James summoned the clarity and courage to accuse then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of long-term, life-destroying psychological and sexual abuse.

If our church did not have mafiosi running the show, what would have happened next? Church authorities would have moved forward immediately with a case against McCarrick. We would quickly have seen the law applied, in the open light of day.

Which law, or laws? The First Commandment, which requires clergymen to keep their vows. The Sixth Commandment, which forbids sex outside of marriage. And the law of nature, which prohibits genital contact between members of the same sex, and gravely forbids sex with immature persons.

Let’s imagine a group of honest people who at some point worked closely with McCarrick. Once that theoretical group of honest people became aware of the gravity of what McCarrick had done, you would think they would begin to clamor relentlessly for an open trial.

Because they would recognize that they need one, to clear themselves from any guilt by association. It’s not fair for people to assume that anyone who worked closely with McCarrick shares in his guilt. But people will assume as much, unfair at it may be.

So the honest people who worked closely with McCarrick would naturally insist on total institution transparency in this matter, with due provision made for the privacy of innocent parties. The honest people would shout for that, even if it meant challenging higher authorities openly.

But where is that clamor? I hear a lot of crickets. So apparently there weren’t any honest people who worked closely with McCarrick. Just fellow mafiosi.

More evidence: No Church official has so much as clearly identified the laws which McCarrick appears to have broken. The application of those laws to this case would require the disclosure of many facts. The mafiosi who run our church have many of those facts in their possession. They don’t want those facts disclosed. So they blow smokescreens.


Little by little over the course of the past two months, other people who have some of those facts have found the courage to make them public. The former priest who, in 2005, settled a case against McCarrick (and two other abusers) spoke recently to a reporter for the second time. The reporter has published a story revealing new information about that settlement.

But many questions obviously remain. Who, among the clergy, or among the lay employees of the various dioceses (and the Vatican) knew about the settlements involving McCarrick? No churchman has clearly answered this question; instead, the dioceses involved continue to stonewall, as the article cited above makes perfectly clear.

There are lawyers who worked for the dioceses, helping them to arrive at the McCarrick settlements. Those lawyers know important information. The dioceses involved could authorize those lawyers to make all the information touching McCarrick public, so that it could become part of the record. For the sake of an open trial, in which McCarrick would face justice for his crimes.

But the dioceses have not done anything like that. The Vatican has not done anything like that. Why? Because ecclesiastical mafiosi run these institutions.

Let’s remember: If we had only the mafiosi who run the church to rely on for information, we would know practically nothing about any of this. McCarrick’s victims have had the courage to go on the record and have spoken to reporters. Thanks to them, some of the truth has come out. Meanwhile, the mafiosi who run the church would rather we were still dumb sheep living in a cloudy darkness.

mccarrickAnother question: Does McCarrick admit wrongdoing? Again, if our church were not run by mafiosi, we would know the answer to that question. McCarrick would have faced an open indictment by now, and we would know his answer.

But, as it is, all we know on this subject is: McCarrick’s lawyer says that the accused looks forward to his opportunity to contest the charges against him. Which, as we know, is what mob lawyers always say.

Because I have an old friendship with a mid-level mafioso who has spoken recently to McCarrick, I can tell you, dear reader: McCarrick is unrepentant. He admits nothing. On June 20, the pope ordered the then-Cardinal to ‘a life of prayer and penance.’ But McCarrick repents of nothing. So that ‘order’ of the pope’s is a joke. A joke at our expense.

Let’s give the devil his due: Why should McCarrick repent? No one to whom he must answer has so much as confronted him with the charges. No judge has found him guilty of anything. Right now he can reasonably tell himself that he sits on the sidelines only because of an administrative process. He can think to himself: They are wronging me by not giving me the opportunity to prove my innocence. And he would be right.

…I don’t know if last week’s Senate hearings involved a ‘con job,’ as Judge Kavanaugh and President Trump put it. Looked to me more like an open forum in which two people had the opportunity to give their version of events. Maybe it was a divisive political circus. But it has brought us a million times closer to the truth about Dr. Blasey Ford’s charges than we are to a full reckoning of the charges against Theodore McCarrick. The U.S. Senate, politically divided as it may be, makes the hierarchy of the Catholic Church look like…the mafia, by comparison.

So, as I said, the Senate hearing didn’t look like a con job on the American people to me. But the mafiosi running the church are certainly in the process of pulling a con job on us U.S. Catholics. Conning us into forgetting that the task of arriving at justice in the case of Theodore McCarrick belongs to them. They have the information. They have the jurisdiction. They have the duty to apply the applicable laws. No one else does.

James’ charges against McCarrick remain unanswered. Countless facts about McCarrick’s predations remain undisclosed. So far as we know, no one has so much as confronted the man with the full extent of the accusations against him. He has not received even the opportunity to repent. Justice remains undone.

Why? Because mafiosi run our church.

8 thoughts on “Mafiosi Run our Church: the Evidence

  1. You really do not know how to stay out of trouble…
    May the Lord send us guidance.

  2. I think the lord is sending guidance, in the brave priests and bishops and other religious who are no longer willing to sit back and keep silent, because that hasn’t gotten the church or other organizations anywhere in dealing with this issue. I am pretty much sure that our lord and lady would rather a few toes get trampled on than for these people to continue to be in ministry but just moved around. May God bless and protect those who are no longer willing to think it’s okay to do that, especially those who become out spoken but stay in the church and do it to help clean house, which is so needed.

  3. I tend to believe that the mafiosi style of those running our Church stems from the fact that they are probably masonic. Masonry has been trying for eons to destroy the Catholic Church and now they have a person, who is to them, an acceptable Pope. According to the Alta Vida they only need the “little finger” of a Pope and they are well on the way. Throw in a few Communists and they’ve got it made. Look at China. An atheistic communist state will control who the bishop is. Of course all bishops who are presented to the Pope to choose from will be Communists chosen by XiPing. “Go ahead, Pope Francis, veto any one or two you want” Pity those who will not deny the true God. How they will suffer! They will be crucified! Our Lady of Fatima come and help. Ave Maria!!

  4. Sadly it does appear there is no one or think to stop this flood. The dedicated lay men and women. are ready to stand firm. call to mind the upheaval, designate a method to address the evil and evil doers, but it does not appear that the pure of heart are to be allowed to test the waters for the evildoers! Give them cear and open space to join the lay persons in another victim, the focus on not missing the who, what, why, when and how much, Bring back great messages from the church ; teach love and obediance. ; keep the last one standing..

  5. “Who is going to save our church? Don’t look to the priests, don’t look to the bishops. It’s up to you the laity, to remind our priests to be priests and our bishops to be bishops.”
    Fulton Sheen

  6. Terry, do you have the date on the quote from Bishop Sheen? I want to use it in my letter to the Bishop, which I am currently formulating. If not, I will try to find it on :”Google. Thanks for your help.
    Judy R.

  7. While looking up quotes from Bishop Sheen, I found this one which I feel well describes what is happening today: “…discussion is also a most excellent means to avoid—decision…” I found no dates of quotes on the site I visited, and actually realize that the date is not really important to what I want to write. Terry, please feel free to ignore my question about a date!
    Judy R.

  8. Mafiosi? Masonry? I am sure of it and more with different names, each serving their lord of darkness rather than Our Lord of LIGHT – JESUS! Fr. Mark, I hope you don’t have a horse, (or any pet) whose head would wind up in your bed!

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