Scandal Update

Michael Meenan NY
Mr. Michael Meenan, who has credibly accused NY auxiliary bishop John Jenik

My jaw rarely drops. It dropped when I saw this at


Silence Stops Now Rally

Tuesday, November 13 MECU Pavilion, 731 Eastern Ave., Baltimore, MD
**Subject to change**
12:30–5 p.m.
Michael Voris​ (Founder & President, St. Michael’s Media / Church Militant)
James​ (Theodore McCarrick abuse victim)
Siobhan O’Connor​ (Buffalo whistleblower featured on ​60 Minutes​)
Matt Walsh​ (writer, speaker, author…)
Dr. Alan Keyes​ (conservative political activist…)
Jesse Romero​ (author, radio host, evangelist)
Michael Hichborn​ (founder and president of the Lepanto Institute)


(My color emphasis added. Click HERE for my collection of James links.)

Let’s bring ourselves up-to-date, dear reader.

Archbishop ViganoA Vatican Cardinal tsk-tsk’ed Archbishop Viganò. The whistleblower answered. Not just with precision. But with soaring righteousness.

Click the link and read the whole thing, if you haven’t already. Here’s a brief quote:

In the public remonstrances directed at me I have noted two omissions, two dramatic silences. The first silence regards the plight of the victims. The second regards the underlying reason why there are so many victims, namely, the corrupting influence of homosexuality in the priesthood and in the hierarchy.

As to the first, it is dismaying that, amid all the scandals and indignation, so little thought should be given to those damaged by the sexual predations of those commissioned as ministers of the gospel.

This is not a matter of settling scores or sulking over the vicissitudes of ecclesiastical careers.  It is not a matter of politics.  It is not a matter of how church historians may evaluate this or that papacy.  This is about souls.  Many souls have been and are even now imperiled of their eternal salvation. [emphasis added]

…Meanwhile, a whistleblower in the Diocese of Buffalo, NY, has worked with a local journalist to dissect the misinformation campaign that the bishop there had been running. (Her name is in blue on the rally-speaker schedule above.)

Ms. O’Connor appeared on 60 Minutes and CBS This Morning. Her own soaring righteousness brought tears to the eyes of all the decent people listening.


The bishop of Sioux City, Iowa, has been exposed as a fraud. By two earnest, heroically kind parents in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

And: An auxiliary bishop in New York City has fled to the bottomless pit of the Vatican justice system to defend himself from an honest man who condemns the bishop for taking advantage of him when he was a teenager.

And in Boston: Cardinal O’Malley, too, has been exposed as a fraud.

…Okay. Deep breath.

Michael Voris of Church Militant tends, in my book, to overstate his case. But earlier this week, he, too, soared. He promised to convene the faithful to say the rosary for our American bishops. He begged the bishops to cross the defensive line they maintain for themselves (as the tinpot celebrities they consider themselves to be). Voris invited them to come and thank the people praying for them.

I pray for our bishops, and I will pray for them during their meeting in Baltimore. Meanwhile, I thank God for all the people Michael Voris will gather to pray in Baltimore during the meeting.

I want to be counted among those people.

Don’t forget my handy compendium of blog-post links, if you want to review the course of events so far.


4 thoughts on “Scandal Update

  1. In 1993 we four were newly minted consecrateds to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by way of St. Louis Grignion (sp?) De Montfort, made pilgrimage to Conyers, GA led by precious friend Irma in your community. I had but a few months experience trying to pray a daily Rosary which included the Fatima Prayer after each decade. At Conyers we learned to add: God Our Father! Please send us Holy Priests! All for the Sacred and Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. All for the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, in union with St. Joseph. Twenty five years later, I finally like praying the Rosary, and I have certain knowledge the plea for Holy MEN in the priesthood IS being answered. Real quick going backwards: Bishop Christopher Coyne (Burlington, VT), Fr. Karl Harr, Fr. Soosai Raj, Fr. James Zuccaro, Fr. Lawrence Mechee. In Virginia: Fr. Mark White, Fr. Nicholas Mammie ( a Spiritual Warrior), Fr. David Price of Colorado, Fr. Carlos Lerma, little Fr. David from Central America (“See you in Heaven! was an Order!), Fr. Eric Culler of Ohio ( friend of Maggie – # 7 due in March ). This precious Holy Mother who pulled me out of a vodka bottle, an insignificant nobody, so dramatically, has NOT been wringing Her Holy Hands but indeed raising up Holy Men to the Priesthood and Holy Men in the laity! The rise of Holy MEN draws Women forward into restored Holiness, the natural order of things. Our Lord is casting His Holy Light into the Filth of executive leadership in Holy Church and USA mis-Government and Business. I have Confident Hope the SwampS will be drained. The sincerely faithful core that makes it HOLY Church cannot be destroyed! Jesus said so!

  2. Very well written, Father and Mike. I think everyone should watch the documentary that is often played on EWTN – “In Sheeps Clothing” – and you will see what the Catholic Church is capable of through their naivety in part. Perhaps the leaders of our church have not accustomed themselves to the reality of this world. In God’s hands……

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