Homily for Christ the King


This Sunday we pledge allegiance to Jesus Christ, the divine King. We believe in Him. We believe in the Incarnation. [Spanish]

In other words: We admire Jesus of Nazareth and pledge our allegiance to Him, not just because He was a man of great wisdom, but because He is a man of divine wisdom. We admire His love—not just great love, but divine love. We entrust ourselves completely to Him, not just because of the stunning nobility of His death, but also because of the indubitable certainty of His resurrection from the dead.

He is our good and kind king. Our allegiance to Him sometimes falters, but His worthiness to have our total allegiance never does. We forget sometimes to Whom we belong, but He never forgets us. We get confused about how to live, but He always stands ready to comfort, guide, and support us. All we have to do is remember the truth: Without Him we have nothing, are nothing. With Him, we have everything, including our true selves.

Allegiance to our divine King means: trust, respect, acknowledgement that He is great and big, and we are small. We each have just a little part to play in the grand plan that He alone fully understands.

Allegiance also means taking rightful pride in who we are: chosen members of the royal household of the King of the universe. Consecrated children of eternal glory. Freeborn sons and daughters of the Kingdom that will never pass away.

Allegiance to Christ means measuring every other allegiance by this allegiance. We have one absolute rule that governs all our other associations with our fellow human beings: we are Christians first. Yes, we have families, to which we owe deep allegiance. And we owe allegiance to the institutions that made us who we are. And of course we owe our allegiance to our beloved nation.

But: We measure all these allegiances by our absolute allegiance to Jesus of Nazareth. He is God. He is the one Savior. He is the sole Champion Who has conquered death itself. He enlightens the cosmos with the only light that will never fail, will never fall into darkness.

To Him, to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the alpha, the omega: To Him all glory and honor unto the ages of ages.


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