Scandal Compendium

[This post has become obsolete. A more thorough and up-to-date compendium of scandal posts can be found HERE.]


Compendium of My Posts So Far on the McCarrick Case, the PA Grand-Jury Report, the February 2019 Vatican Meeting, and The Scandal in general, in reverse chronological order

“Independent” “Reconciliation” in New York and Richmond March 17, 2020

[long gap, owing to a threat leveled by Bishop Barry Knestout, soon to be explained in full]

George Orwell Comes Knocking? November 20, 2019

Cowards Ad Limina November 8; Update (w/ Principal’s-Office Drama) November 13

Endurance Homily November 9

Another Gut Punch Coming October 30

Thank You, Nathan Doe October 17

Letter from the Camp October 16

Regional Church Scandal Update October 3

Mitered Mafia and the Savior September 27

How to Hang Your Honest Priests on Tenterhooks August 24

Guest Post: Seminarian Jack Shanahan August 23

A Year Into the Nightmare, It Continues Unabated August 16

The Gaslighting of Mark Brennan July 26 (Background Paper Trail) July 22

Turns Out Our Archbishop Is Even More Dishonest Than I Thought July 15 And Tone-Deaf July 18

Sullivan July 3

James Grein and Cardinal Bernardin June 27

Closing Out the Fiscal Year June 26

A Dishonest Archbishop of Our Very Own June 6

Guest Post: Catholic Separation of Powers June 6

Pope Francis, Taylor Marshall, James Grein June 4

The College of Lying Cowards May 24

Some Problems with the New Rules May 13

When the Rules Apparently Weren’t the Rules May 10

Highlights from Yves Congar’s True and False Reform in the Church May 9

The Difference Between the Cover-Uppers and St. Paul May 8

Pope Francis a Heretic? May 3

I Disagree with Pope Benedict’s Analysis of the Crisis April 15

Chrism Mass on the Titanic April 15

Open Letter to Archbishop Gregory (the McCarrick Report) April 6

The New Donald Wuerl April 3

Being Catholic on Annunciation Day, 2019

Gaudium Magnum Out the Window March 13

Count the Holy See Among the Abusers February 25

McCarrick Book Proposal for Jon Krakauer February 21

February Meeting Participants February 20

McCarrick Verdict February 16

Diocesan Lists and Alanis Morissette February 1

Richmond Diocese Abuse List January 31 In Our Parishes February 14

Dose of Reality for the February Meeting January 25

Pope Francis and Donald Wuerl Contra Mundum January 14

Donald Wuerl: Shameless Liar January 11

The McCarrick-case .pdf of My Dreams January 5, 2019

The Cover-Up of the Cover-Up of the Cover-Up December 29

The Christmas Twilight Zone December 21

The Unbearable Roman Malaise December 18 [Pope Francis’ thoughts on Viganò]

St. Gallen Conspiracy Theories and Groër December 7

The Vatican Spills the McCarrick Beans (Off the Record) December 4

More From James’ Amanuensis (with a could-have-been/was comparison) November 21

Guest Exhortation from Dr. Ann White November 17

Tornielli Giorno GiudizioThe Fantasy of the February Vatican Meeting November 15

Proposed USCCB Letter November 14

USCCB 2002: A McCarrick Memory November 13

Non-Persons to the Mafiosi November 10

Journalists and Bishops November 6

They Need a Miracle November 5

Rally in Baltimore; Buffalo Whistleblower; Sioux City and New York City November 2

Here come the Feds: Part I, Part II October 25

Priests’ Convocation: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Pope a Gaslighter? Two Books

Commentary on Marc Card. Ouellet Open Letter to Viganò

Oct. 6 Vatican Communique on McCarrick: Commentary

Archbishop ViganoMafiosi Run Our Church: The Evidence

Holy Father on the Cardinal Wuerl Train

To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 20

When Will the Scandal End? (McCarrick Settlements Edition)

September 2018 Exchange between Bishop Knestout and Your Humble Servant

Being Catholic Now Q1 a2

Another Open Letter to His Holiness, about Severity

Increasing Sense of Helplessness

How to be Catholic Now, Q1 a1

In Love with a Tattered Scarlet Rag

Transparent and Unfathomable

The Corrupt Conspiracy September 7

Open Letter to the Holy Father September 1

Caso Romanones August 31

Should the Pope Resign? August 29

Believing Viganò August 28

Pontifical Prevarication August 27

Late Night with Viganò August 26

The Church’s Center of Gravity August 24

Pope Francis mate.jpgWe Think You’re Incompetent August 22

More about the PA Report August 22

Me and Jake Tapper Hate the Bishops August 20

The Good PA Catholics August 19

Victims Crucifix + Wuerl Fail, Part II August 17

PA Grand Jury Report: Not Bad, But Good August 16

Wuerl Fail August 14

The Teaching that Convicts August 12

Checchio Fail August 10

Our Vichy Regime August 9

James w McCarrickTottering Church August 8

Priesthood Ex Opere Operato August 5

Burbidge Fail August 4

Open Letter to Theodore McCarrick August 1

St. Alphonsus, Pray for Newark and Washington August 1

Going Backwards July 31

James’ Amanuensis July 30

James the Man of the Hour July 30

No Longer His Eminence July 28

New Scandal, Worse than the First July 26

Scandal of 2002 Painfully Revisited June 29

The Spider Web June 20

One thought on “Scandal Compendium

  1. Am I the only observer that believes that you could overlay a flow chart of the Mafia over The hierarchy of the church, and see little difference? Scary.

    Joe Kernan

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