Nicene Creed and North Pole

processione san nicola
Procession with St. Nicholas’ relics in Bari, Italy

One year ago today, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, gave us a new bishop, Barry Knestout. May God be praised.

1,675 years ago today, another bishop died.

We know Old St. Nick as “Father Christmas.” But first he served as one of the fathers of the Council of Nicaea. He participated in the great work done there. Namely, the preservation of true doctrine regarding Jesus Christ, true God and true man, eternally begotten of the Father and born of the Virgin.

In today’s gospel reading at Holy Mass, we hear the Incarnate Word exhort us: Build your spiritual houses on solid rock. Our spiritual lives have one obvious foundation. Our baptismal promises.

Lost in the BarrensWe rejected Satan and all his works and all his empty show. We embraced the faith. God Almighty. His only-begotten Son, Jesus. His Holy Spirit. Our baptismal creed. St. Nicholas risked death to profess it.

They say that St. Nick still lives. Up at the North Pole.

You know that I have been on a kick of watching Alaska adventure movies lately. I watched one set not technically in Alaska, but in far-northern Canada, in what they call The Barrens, or the Barren Grounds. These days they actually call it the province of Nunavut.

Maybe St. Nick lives there? The average daily high temperature in the capital of the province of Nunavut:

In July, 43 degrees. This time of year? -29.

We know St. Nick is tough. But maybe “the North Pole” is actually a metaphor for where he lives? A metaphor for… heaven?

Whether or not St. Nick will bring us little gifts for Christmas—I leave that up to parents to determine.

But, for sure, St. Nick can pray for us. Dear St. Nicholas, up there in “the North Pole,” pray for us!

One thought on “Nicene Creed and North Pole

  1. Thanks for that Fr! I always have told my children that of course St Nicholas is real! He’s a saint in heaven. He can see us from there. He loves Jesus very much and inspires us with the Christmas spirit. The men in suits in shopping centres just imitate him. So there’s no need for anyone to tell kids he isn’t real!

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