Beautify the Basilica Instead of Building the Wall

guadalupe face

Four hundred eighty-seven years ago today, the mother of God appeared on our continent, to assure us of her love for us.

That was before the United States of America existed, or the United States of Mexico. At that time, the Rio Grande did not mark a “national borderline.” Nor did any kind of border run through the Sonora desert. And baja California and alta California were both parts of one place. [Click for Part I and Part II of my extended commentary on this.]

Our Lady appeared to St. Juan Diego in Mexico City. She left her image on his cloak, which still hangs in the basilica there.

Twenty years ago, Pope St. John Paul II visited the same spot. He had gathered the bishops of the entire American continent. The pope made December 12 a feastday in all these lands. He recognized Guadalupe as the spiritual center of the western hemisphere.

By the grace of God, I have laid eyes on the tilma twice, in ’95 and ’97. Maybe you, dear reader, have seen it, also. Hopefully someday all of us Catholics of America will make a holy pilgrimage, to see the indescribably lovely image and receive the unique graces of our Lady’s presence here with us on our continent.

When the pope visited Guadalupe, he made no comment regarding the architecture of the current basilica. They built it in the mid-1970’s, to accommodate up to 10,000 people. Anyone ever seen it? Or a picture of it? It looks like a wrecked spaceship, in the shape of a melted Hershey’s kiss.

Basilica Guadalupe

I don’t think we want a wall between us and the place where Our Lady visited us. A wall would only get in the way of a pilgrimage there.

Maybe, instead of spending $1 zillion on a pointless, counter-productive border wall, we could spend the money building a new, nicer Guadalupe basilica instead?

6 thoughts on “Beautify the Basilica Instead of Building the Wall

  1. Oh, so many comments can be made. Suffice it to say that we can make it to Israel and the Vatican even with a wall.

  2. Actual… Catholics have a huge responsibility to social justice…. this includes immigration issues. As Catholics we are not doing as we should if we only discuss what happened at mass no matter how good a priest father mark is. Wonderful post father mark, while I have yet to visit the shrine I very much hope to do so, one day.

  3. The wall is pointless and a waste of money. I am the descendant from immigrants of the post-civil war to between world wars. Restructuring the immigration system to allow more of those wonderful treasure the poor into our country would need better work visas. Perhaps funded by the sponsoring company.
    Totus tuus

  4. If Fallen Nature were not an issue and one so easily exploited by miss-leaders of every stripe. If those who wanted in sincerely wanted to be part of, contribute to; rather than exploit, divide, and be catered to, we would not have Rules for Immigration would we? Am I ‘un-christen’ for locking my door at night, being selective whom I permit entry through my door, phone, internet, even to my table? High Standards held to insure High Moral Principles. Lowering Standards withers Morals and Principles. The only swamp I can drain is the one in my heart and mind and I need a ton of Grace Help for that. Meanwhile, I will be picky about what I let in and look out for my family first, avoiding false compassion every time I recognize it.

  5. Mark 2:17
    “Jesus hearing this, saith to them: They that are well have no need of a physician, but they that are sick. For I came not to call the just, but sinners.”

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