Miraculous Childbearing

Museo Thyssen- Bornemisza
“Annunciation to Manoah’s Wife,” by Jacopo Tintoretto

Both readings at today’s Holy Mass involve the childbearing of women who had long desired to become mothers, but thought they could not.

Anyone catch Samson’s mother’s name? Trick question; the name of the wife of Manoah does not appear in Scripture. But we do know it. According to ancient Jewish tradition, she was called Zlelponi or Zlelponith, and she belonged to the royal tribe of Judah.

Now, speaking of these miraculous mothers and their husbands… Elizabeth’s husband Zechariah: he belonged to the priestly tribe of Aaron. King David had divided that tribe into sixteen divisions. Zechariah belonged to the division of… Abijah.

We need to keep all this in mind. To prepare for an elaborate quiz that I will give on Sunday.

In the meantime, like the holy women, let’s believe that the Lord can and does keep His promises.

One thought on “Miraculous Childbearing

  1. Certainly not a holy woman like these women in the Bible, but I do believe that the Lord can and does keep his promises.
    Judy R.

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