What a Fool Believes He Sees

[An essay at theatlantic.com inspired me to give the old blog a new name–the first line of Shakespeare’s Henry V. A Muse of fire can destroy a Death Star.]
Homily on the Parable of the Sower

The eternal Word proceeds eternally from the Father. He pours out the eternal Spirit. And He gives us created reality as we know it, in all its glory.

Or, should I say: He gives us reality as we strive to know it. The work of our lifetime: to attune our wayward and ignorant minds to reality as it actually is, as God gives it to us.

To hear the Word and accept it—that requires constant effort. It requires our daily readiness to admit that we, for the most part, live in our own little dream-worlds, miles away from God and each other.

doobie brothers 1979

What a fool believes he sees no wise man has the power to reason away.

(Doobie Brothers, 1979)

How? How can we find the courage to reason away all our own foolishness? So we can welcome God’s gift, as it comes? Without getting in His way? Without shutting the little door that cuts off our ‘personal space’ from the great, lovable world outside, full of people whom God gave me to love?

How about if we try to grasp the most-fundamental reality of all, first.

On the cross, the eternal Word spoke His entire truth. “You are My people!”

Let’s answer: “You are our God!”

3 thoughts on “What a Fool Believes He Sees

  1. A good homily and I read the article. I do know the Hebrew African Israelites. Several members at my factory. They actually get along fine with me. All because I knew the Hebrew meaning of my name and my children. They are a particularly strict group. They say they eat kosher but eat pepperoni. Go figure.

  2. Oh, how true! I took a lot of comfort from this quote at first. Then, not quite as much when I realized that occasionally the fools get it right.

  3. Thank you, Father Mark, for educating us on the St. Gallen Mafia, the Freemasons, the interviews with James Grein, etc. Most of us don’t know about these things. I was under the impression that the Church forbade membership in these organizations. As a matter of fact, to be a member of the Freemasons used to be punishable by excommunication. I was shocked to learn of the huge number of Bishops and other clerics who are currently Freemasons and how they want to change the rules on marriage, adultery, abortion, etc.
    I found that most of our people just say: Trust in the Lord for making things right. We do, but just like the sexual abuse, it won’t go away until people get involved and complain about the inactivity, passivity and intervention of the Pope.
    Thank you for being so courageous to write about all that and open our eyes.

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