Say Some Prayers, Please

Crystal City immigration court
Immigration Court building, Crystal City, Virginia

Tomorrow will find your unworthy servant in a courtroom, along with a score of my beloved people.

One of them faces possible deportation. But tomorrow’s hearing could put him on a path to full American citizenship.

The rest of us will testify, one after another. We will explain a. our dear friend’s exemplary character, and b. the extreme hardship that his family will face if the government separates them.

Please pray for a good outcome! Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Say Some Prayers, Please

  1. Hi father…
    This blog post brings back a lot of memories…I even had to check the date of the post… you and they are in my prayers…

  2. My prayers, and you have the prayers of one of my fellow Christians here at Our Lady of the Valley.

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