The Word of God + Eric Clapton

Palermo Pantocrator Christ priest

All four gospels have two parts. Part I of each gospel covers everything before the Passion. Part II recounts the Passion and Resurrection.

The verses of St. John’s gospel that we read at Holy Mass today conclude his Part I. They serve as a kind of ‘closing argument,’ so to speak, about Who Jesus is.

He is the eternal Son of the eternal Father. He is God made man. He speaks not a human opinion about God; rather, He is God revealing Himself to us human beings.

We find ourselves struggling always to navigate between two possible deadly traps. On the one hand: talking about God without any discipline or restraint. As if we could know that God “wants” this or “doesn’t want” that. As if we could know that God “likes” this or “doesn’t like” that. The world abounds with preachers and other well-meaning people who try to domesticate the awesome, unfathomable majesty of the Creator. And the absurdity of a human being claiming to understand God—it’s enough to push a sober skeptic over the line into atheism.

On the other hand, God has not left us in the dark about Himself—about His plan, His will. No. He sent His only-begotten Son. The words Jesus has spoken are spirit and life. The Redemption He brought about is real. He lives and reigns, and He shares His grace with us through the means that He Himself established. We didn’t make it all up–the sacraments and the New Testament.

Which brings us to an interesting twist in the verses that we read at Mass today. At first, the Lord refers to His words, in the plural. But then He changes to word, singular, when He refers to the final judgment.

St. Thomas Aquinas explains this:

Christ revealed Himself in His sayings. He announced Himself. He, therefore, is the word that He spoke.

God has spoken. His one and only eternal and infinite Word. Jesus Christ.

PS. Back in 1986, I listened to Eric Clapton’s August so many times that I wore out the tape in the cassette. But I was holed-up in a monastery when this incredible event occurred in 1996. I never knew about it, until a friend alerted me…


8 thoughts on “The Word of God + Eric Clapton

  1. I wonder if the blue and white of Clapton’s guitar was intentional…. I suspect it was….that song is incredible…. that version just awe inspiring….if only this country would truly turn back to God… our blessed mother is… I have no doubt ready to assist us….

    They both looked so young…. thank you so much father mark for sharing… I had no idea that even existed… I’d never heard that song before…. it brought tears to my eyes….

  2. Slow Hand and King of the High C’s. A beautiful union of the c(h)ords. Mom is smiling.

  3. WOW! I know intimately well Holy Mother hears my cry! On the morning of March 10, 2013, SHE employed Bob, Betsy and Tia to confront my drunken rage in Fr. Mark’s office. At 4:00 pm that same day, not knowing at the time what just took place, the obsession to drink was lifted and has not returned! Oh how I love my Holy Mother!

  4. Holy Mother hear my cry, tears are flowing from my eyes, thank you dear father for sharing this.. Cindy T

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I get proof every day that she hears us begging for her help.
    Love you, Holy Mother.

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