More Relics of the Council

Trent painted bldg2

In the streets of Trent, they painted the buildings to welcome the bishops to the Council.

painted Trent bldg1

They burned incense at Mass in this thurible.

Trent thurible

The used this sarcophagus of St. Vigilius as the altar. (Doesn’t hold his relics anymore.)

sarcophagus Trent altar

They hung up these tapestries on the walls of the chancel of the Duomo, to mediate on the mysteries of Christ’s suffering and Passion.

tapestry Trent temptation
the Temptation of Christ

Trent tapestry crucifixion.jpg

tapestry Trent deposition.jpg

They hung the Resurrection tapestry over the altar.

tapestry Trent resurrection

The bishops and priests read their prayers in little breviaries like this…

Trent breviary

The wealthy ones kept themselves warm during the winter nights with ceramic stoves in their lodgings, like this one.

Trent ceramic stove.jpg
(fed with wood from the passageway outside)

When they finally finished their work, Pope Pius IV published the decrees in this first edition…

first edition Trent decrees

And His Holiness sent his ring to Trent as a gift.

Pope Pius IV ring Trent

4 thoughts on “More Relics of the Council

  1. History told in photographs. Tapestries are beautiful! Viewing them is a nice end to a long day.
    Judy R.

  2. You’re seeing things that are unknown to and unseen by 99.9999% of humanity, but the work done there gives light to 100% of us, whether we know it or not.

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