Regional Church Scandal Update

Question 1: How did McCarrick thrive as a predator for decades, until June 2018?

Number of promises made by Cardinals/popes to provide an answer: At least four (Wuerl, Tobin, DiNardo, and the pope)

Number of answers actually given: Zero.

Question 2: How did former-West-Virginia-bishop Michael Bransfield thrive as a predator for decades, like his old friend Theodore McCarrick, until September 2018?

Number of investigative reports selectively edited by Baltimore Archbishop William Lori with information about this: One

Number of such reports made public by Lori and Pope Francis: Zero.

Question 3: How many former seminarians in West Virginia have sued the Church in the past six months?

Answer, provided by the West-Virginia press: At least two.

How many secret settlements of these cases did the diocese reach, under the governance of William Lori? One.

How many of these cases assert that the victim tried to communicate with Lori, but got rebuffed and treated like an enemy? At least one.

Question 3: How many bishops spoke at last week’s Notre Dame University forum on the sexual abuse crisis?

Answer: One.

Who? William Lori.

Forgive me for asking, but is this a joke, Notre Dame?

During the forum, Lori told his usual self-pitying and self-justifying sob stories. And he regaled the world with his typical mind-numbingly tedious tales of his own feckless bureaucratic bumblings.

Notre Dame University: What do you mean by this charade? Glamorizing the machinations of a documented liar and cover-up artist. Are you trying to shove the reputation of our Church even deeper into the bottom of the trashcan? Do you not realize that there are some serious people out here, people who actually know the facts about what has happened in West Virginia over the course of the last year, and who see William Lori for the charlatan that he is?

John Allen and Peter Steinfels: You should be ashamed of yourselves. For playing patsy to William Lori’s endless self-justifying nonsense. You show yourselves to be the hacks that you are, more interested in a secure paycheck than in any kind of real integrity.

The RMS Titanic of Roman Catholicism in our part of the world continues to sink, my dear ones, with bloviating nabobs on the bridge. Men utterly unprepared to deal with the catastrophe that they, and the men they kissed up to when they were younger, have wrought.

Let’s try to hasten to heaven as eagerly as we can. Let’s try to help as many people as we can along the way. Part One of such a business: Living in the truth.

Which includes this fact: The Metropolitan Archbishop of our ecclesiastical province is a careerist fraud. No honest human being should trust him any farther than Lori himself can throw medicine ball.

7 thoughts on “Regional Church Scandal Update

  1. My dear Fr. Mark, have you been watching Michael Voris of CHURCH MILITANT? i sure have for nigh a year and some months ago i had to take my “attitude’ about Hierarchy to my Confessor, who quietly shook his head. I am favorably impressed with your bold words, which do put you in the cross hairs of the “bad guys”.I agree with Voris that the silence of the Ordained still loyal to Jesus, His Mother, THE Holy Church is the more reprehensible than the machinations of the atheistic, homo predators that have the balance of power. Did not Thomas Aquinas, St Augustine, et, als, reference skulls of Bishops being sconces holding torches in Hell? Our Lady of La Salette had much to say, (still willfully unrecognized by Rome), of Clergy and Religeous mid 19th century. Our Lady of Good Success spoke of these very days (recognized) over four centuries ago! Venerable Bishop Sheen gives me hope saying the Laity will begin the change. Holy Church is being eclipsed! Only 20% of the baptized attend Mass. Upwards of 70% of this 20% do NOT believe in the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The Immaculate Heart will Triumph, and what time i have left i want to be found guilty of being a HOT Orthodox Roman Catholic man who loves Jesus and His Blessed Mother. … and Lori the Supreme Chaplain of the Knights of Columbus. I won’t be renewing my dues.I will support whatever Parish i am in.

  2. I wonder if the Hierarchy of the Church, Thinks About whether They are Going to Hell or Heaven?

  3. Thank you for keeping the topic alive. Hopefully, the „others“ are not satisfied with what has been done to halt the evil that has befallen our beloved church and keep on working to save her from future abuse.

  4. Vatican Police raided Vatican Bank last Tuesday. Seized records and electronic devices. Good, I think….
    What if three fictional cardinals of the Curia, named Judas, Brutus, and Cassius were able to conjure a raid to acquire damning evidence of Vatican involvement in laundering cash for global trafficking of guns, drugs, and children by the super-wealthy and super-powerful? Is that impossible to imagine? Didn’t Our Lady tell us that these are the darkest days of Holy Mother Church, and that rescue and redemption would flow through her Immaculate Heart? We are in a fight for our very lives and souls and the enemy is legion.
    Btw, keeping writing the words that save souls. It’s good to have you fighting for God and us.

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