Paul Simon Way Ahead on the Amazon

As we read at Holy Mass today: The Lord sent the prophet Jonah to the non-Jewish Ninevites. And the Lord sent a non-Jewish Samaritan to help the robbers’ victim, in the parable. This Sunday we will read about the ten lepers Jesus cured. The only one who came back to say thank you? A Samaritan. A foreigner.

The Lord founded a cosmopolitan Church. Not like the magazine Cosmopolitan. But in the sense that true religion resonates with people of all languages and races. The Lord sent the Apostles to all nations.

Rosary Prayers

For most of us, the Amazon basin counts as “foreign land.” Anyone ever visited?

It became a little less foreign for us Paul-Simon fans back in 1990. He followed up his album Graceland with an encore, involving Brazilian musicians. I wore out my cassette tape of Rhythm of the Saints, by listening to it like a thousand times. The song “Born at the Right Time” can still bring tears to my eyes.

Paul Simon was twenty-nine years ahead of the Vatican. Everyone heard of the “Amazon Synod” in Rome? I, for one, long ago lost track of what exactly the point of all these Roman synods is.

Anyway: the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the grace of His mysteries, belongs to everyone, of every language and nation. Our Lady’s Rosary has “delivered” the Gospel, and the grace of Christ’s mysteries, to souls seeking God, all over the world, for centuries.

You can’t go wrong, listening to some Paul Simon every once in a while, to cheer yourself up. And we definitely can’t go wrong, praying the Rosary daily.

8 thoughts on “Paul Simon Way Ahead on the Amazon

  1. May Our Lady of the Rosary continue to inspire us and guide us to new depths in our pursuit of Truth, goodness and purity!

  2. People say alie’s a lie’s a lie,
    but I say “Why?”
    Why deny the ovious child.”

  3. Today’s the 448th anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto. It’s also the Solemnity of Our Lady of the Rosary in honor of the victory she won for the victors after they prayed the Rosary for Our Lady’s intercession. Imagine what we all could do for Mother Church by praying to Mother Mary every day the St. Dominic way.

  4. One of my favorites (possibly my favorite): “Like a bridge over troubled water….”
    Judy R.

  5. Yes, let’s pray the Rosary every day.
    I got out the old Paul Simon cassettes. I have always loved his music.
    The reminder even helped me answer the final question on Jeopardy Wednesday night about the singer banned from South Africa: Paul Simon – Graceland.

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