World Series

Some of us remember when the Washington Nationals, newly arrived from Canada, played farther up the Anacostia River–at a dilapidated old multi-use stadium where the ancient Senators had played the last professional baseball game in Washington, in 1971.

I stood outside Holy Comforter-St. Cyprian parish church on East Capitol street before the home games those first couple seasons, to smile at the fans heading  from Capitol Hill towards RFK. And invite them inside to say a prayer if they wanted.

Some of us remember when Pope Benedict XVI made a special trip from Rome to bless the newly constructed Nationals’ Park at the beginning of the 2008 season. (Ryan Zimmerman hit a walk-off game-winning homer against the Braves in the first game that year.)

A goofball you know, hearing a confession before the Papal Mass at Nats Park, April 17, 2008

Some of us remember when Anthony Rendon came up from the minors because Zimmerman had to go on the DL for a few weeks. Then Rendon got sent back to the minors. (Praise Jesus they brought him back up again later that season.)

And some of us remember when the Nationals couldn’t even spell Nationals.


We’ve come a long way.

May God’s will be done in Houston this evening.

ADDENDUM: They won! Washington Nationals World Champions, 2019!

5 thoughts on “World Series

  1. Football (both college and professional) is my “sport of choice.” BUT I do usually watch the World Series, especially this year when the Nationals are in Series. Agree with Ann…Nationals will win tonight!

  2. And yet some others of use remainder when the aWashington Senators played at Griffith Stadium on 7th Street

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