Heading for 2,000,000 Visits Now


(Ad majorem Dei gloriam. For the greater glory of God.)

Guess what, dear reader?

Sometime early last week (I rarely check), this little blog received its one millionth visit.

For good or ill, I find that a respectable number of visits 🙂 Sharing this ride with you makes me a happy man. Let’s do another million together.


10 thoughts on “Heading for 2,000,000 Visits Now

  1. That is great, Fr. Mark! Your blog is the first thing I look for whenever I turn on the computer…always find it interesting. Seems many others also interested in what you have to say. Keep on writing!
    Judy R.

  2. Thanks Fr. Mark! So glad I found your blog. Your thoughts are so centered, true and right on target. You help me keep my head screwed on straight during these very uncertain times.

  3. Amazing!
    Congratulations, Father Mark. May all who read your posts be inspired and may they learn more about our beloved Catholic Church.

  4. We’ll continue to check your blogs most are educational and enlightening.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

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