Holy Communion in the Time of Coronavirus

[written 3/10/20]


Our bodies include 30 to 40 trillion cells. Each of them requires oxygen. They receive oxygen from our blood.

So: Someone alive has flesh and blood together. The separation of someone’s body and blood is a leading cause of… death.

Do we Catholics believe that the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar is a symbol?

Correct. No. But, actually, in one way: Yes.


When the Lord offered Himself for us in His bitter Passion, He bled. The violence of his executioners separated His blood from His body.

When He rose from the dead, though, His Body and Blood resumed their proper proximity: together.

Christ abides with us, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. That is, Christ alive. The living, divine man.

The Mass symbolizes the death of Christ by the separate consecration of His Body and Blood. The separation of Christ’s Body and Blood is the symbolic aspect of the Mass.

The significance of this for us, during the coronavirus outbreak:

You don’t have to receive Host and chalice in order to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. Anyone who receives the Host receives the Body and Blood of Christ. Anyone with celiac disease who receives only from the chalice receives the Body and Blood of Christ.

At a Mass, the only person who must receive both Host and chalice is the priest. Everyone else can receive both Body and Blood by receiving the Host.

Since germs can spread quite easily by the sharing of the chalice, we will cease that method of receiving Holy Communion at our parishes for now.

One thought on “Holy Communion in the Time of Coronavirus

  1. I heard a talk today 9n a catholic dr show.. that it is best not to recieve the precious blood… not because of the precious blood itself but because of the chalice and even that since some of the extraordinary ministers of holy communion or even the priest may touch a parishioners tongue or teeth then distributes to the next person it may spread more likely than in the hand. I see posts about how the faithful would never get the virus from recieving, and the body and blood of jesus no probably not… its the part that other people are a part of we have to be careful of… hope all of yall stay safe and well… in my prayers always….

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