Mr. Bates’ Letters

updated April 3, 2020

Bates prison

If you ever watched the third season of Downton Abbey, you know that the newlyweds, Anna and Bates, get separated by prison walls for awhile.

They write to each other just about daily. But at one point, the letters suddenly stop. They both fear some terrible estrangement of the other’s affections. Then…

I won’t ask if you missed me, dear reader. God knows I missed you.

I could not have endured the obscure nightmare of the last four months without the prayers, encouragement, and counsel of the friends and loved ones who rushed to my aid. You know who you are; I am in your debt forever. May we rejoice in the Kingdom together, when everything is said and done.

Rather dire circumstances have re-united us here. So the first couple posts from the as-yet-unpublished collection come from earlier this week…

Suffering and Quarantines

Holy Communion in the Time of Coronavirus

…Also, we present homilies from the first two weeks of Advent, last year, which I couldn’t post then. (I will explain the full circumstances of why I couldn’t, in a few days.)

First Sunday of Advent: Thief in the Night

Second Sunday of Advent: The Redeemer Will Judge the Centuries

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (December 12)

Third Sunday of Advent: Jesus’ Response to the Investigators

…And now we present some more Advent homilies.

Date of Christ’s Birth

Second Annunciation Day

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Plus, Christmas Homilies, Etc.

Pleasing God and Free Speech Sunday homily, January 13, 2020

McCarrick Fable & Streetside Press-conference Preachers written 1/25/20

Imaginary Dialogue at the Richmond Chancery written 2/4/20

West-Virginia Update written 1/26/20

Homilies, etc. from mid-January, 2020

On Netflix’s Two Popes


One thought on “Mr. Bates’ Letters

  1. All of your readers missed you and prayed for you during this difficult time.
    Judy Rogers

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