2020th Anniversary of the Incarnation

El Greco Annunciation

Today we keep the 2020th anniversary of the eternal Word becoming a vulnerable little human zygote, in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

On Annunciation Day, Almighty God’s life as a dependent human being began. He relied totally on His mother, during the nine months of pregnancy. Then He continued to depend on her, as a baby, a child, a son.

We know the Lord has lessons to teach us during the virus epidemic. Maybe one of them is: Remember how vulnerable we all are. How deeply we rely on each other.

No one lives “independently.” We depend. We depend on other human beings in so many ways that it’s actually impossible for us to grasp all the dependencies we actually have. And, of course, we all rely on God totally. There would be no earth, no sky, no sunshine, no life-giving rain, without Him.

Our country already has a huge national mortgage. Now we’re going to take out a second mortgage, in order to survive this. But let’s remember Elijah and the widow of Zarephath.

The widow had so little to live on, she despaired. ‘My son and I will eat these last cakes of bread we have, and then we will lay down and die.’

But Elijah said: ‘No. We will all three of us live on the little flour you have left, for a year.’ And the jar did not run empty.

The newly conceived baby in the womb of the Virgin lived in total dependence on her. At the same time, He lived in eternal peace, by the power of the invincible Spirit of the heavenly Father. The Word of God became a vulnerable human being in order to share God’s indomitable Life with us, vulnerable little super-clever monkeys that we are.

God wills to save us. Let’s learn the lessons the unborn baby God means to teach. One of them, at least, is: We need each other.

Like a desert needs rain, like a town needs a name, we need each other.

Like the heat needs the sun, like oxygen, we need each other.

Like rhythm unbroken, like drums in the night, like sweet soul music, like sunlight, we need each other.

I’m riffing on Bono here.

One thought on “2020th Anniversary of the Incarnation

  1. Fr. Mark, that was so special! Love the wonders of technology…to see and hear you like that. Thank you. (And good homily too of course.)
    Judy R.

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