Some Good News from Italy

Coronavirus messages of hope at the Matterhorn mountain

“The numbers are still high, but for a few days now the numbers have stopped rising, thank God,” said Dr. Luca Lorini, head of intensive care at the Pope John XXIII hospital in Bergamo, one of the hardest hit of Italy’s public hospitals. (Associated Press report)

The Swiss illuminated the Matterhorn with a heart, to celebrate and inspire hope throughout the world. (The Italians call the mountain Il Cervino.)

Before we break out the asti-spumante, however: southern Italy still has a ticking-time bomb of cases yet to manifest themselves…

Our Holy Father will address the world via livestream at 1pm Eastern Daylight Time today.

He will impart a blessing. We can receive a plenary indulgence by getting blessed through the internet. So let’s repent of all our sins, and tune in.

Pope Urbi et Orbi Blessing

4 thoughts on “Some Good News from Italy

  1. Thank you Father for this notification. I shall be present and pray many will be aware of this.

  2. PS. Please forgive me! I originally put the wrong time. Holy Father’s address and blessing will come at 1:00pm Eastern, not noon.

  3. Thank you Most Holy Father. I shall not forget these words from your prayers:
    Why are your afraid – have your no Faith?
    Prayer – A Victorious Weapon
    By HIS Cross we have been Saved, Redeemed, given Hope, Healed and Embraced, You Sustain us all,

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